Holocaust Denier Norman Finkelstein Feted at #OccupyBoston

Norman Finkelstein, one of America’s leading anti-Semites in the academic world, was invited to speak at Occupy Boston for the Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture Series. Mr. Finkelstein is on the lecture circuit and having gone to many universities. He, apparently, decided he might as well see the drop outs camping out at Occupy Boston. Like them, he, too, has rejected serious study. He has been fired from numerous positions for his substandard scholarship and fondness for conspiracy theories.

Finkelstein is the author of The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering (2003), which argues that the Holocaust and its remembrance is and “has been used to justify criminal policies of the Israeli state and U.S. support for these policies.” As he argues in his book, the Israelis are Nazis.

“The Zionists indeed learnt well from the Nazis. So well that it seems that their morally repugnant treatment of the Palestinians, and their attempts to destroy Palestinian society within Israel and the occupied territories, reveals them as basically Nazis with beards and black hats.”

Finkelstein is also a fan of Hezbollah, writing that the terrorist, anti-Semitic organization represents “hope” for the Middle East.

Now He is apparently finishing a pamphlet on Gandhi and the Occupy movement and believes that the Palestinians, who elected the terrorist, anti-Semitic group, Hamas, are Gandhi’s inheritors.

[youtube dHL8aVu2aiE]

Add this to a long list of things we aren’t supposed to notice about the Occupy movement, but perhaps its most pernicious–and underreported–is its tacit, and often overt, support of anti-Semitism. For example, Michael C. Moynihan, writing over at the online magazine, Tablet, has unearthed some rather disgusting anti-Semitic utterances of the Occupy movement’s founder, Kalle Lasn and his magazine, Ad Busters.

If the Tea Party is to criticized for people it did not invite showing up at its events, then surely Occupy Boston, which invited the anti-Semitic professors, ought to be criticized for those it invited!


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