Class War: White House Pushes Unprecedented Look Into Millionaires' Taxes

Class War: White House Pushes Unprecedented Look Into Millionaires' Taxes

Today, the White House released its “Federal Taxpayer Receipt for 2011” tool, allowing Americans to see what percentage of their tax dollars are spent where. But this year, the White House decided to do something special. As White House Regional Communications Director Amy Brundage explains:

For the first time, Americans can not only see how their tax dollars are being spent, they can see just how many people making over a million dollars a year effectively paid $0 in taxes. That’s right. There are millionaires who didn’t pay a dime in taxes. That doesn’t that makes [sic] any sense. Now when so many middle class families are struggling to pay the bills or simply put food on the table.

When you click on this new tool, you find out that there are 1,470 people who “made more than $1 million in 2009” but “PAID $0 in federal income tax.”

This is called class warfare. There’s no other way to describe it. If these people aren’t breaking the law – and they clearly aren’t – how dare the president of the United States suggest that they are taking food out of the mouths of middle class families? Why should the White House be inventing new ways for Americans to check on each others’ taxes?

Our great uniter of a president has waged war on the Supreme Court; he has waged war on Congress; he has waged war on Catholics. He has divided Americans by sex and race. Now he’s obviously moved on to class – although it’s difficult to say he ever moved off of it.


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