In 'Life of Julia' Slideshow, Obama President Forever

In 'Life of Julia' Slideshow, Obama President Forever

President Obama’s campaign stratagem “The Life of Julia,” which traces “one woman over the course of her lifetime,” and how President Obama benefits her, is ridiculous for many reasons. One of the chief reasons it’s ridiculous, however, is that under this hypothetical, President Obama is president forever.


When Julia is 3 years old – presumably in the year 2015 – Julia is enrolled in Head Start thanks to “steps President Obama has taken.” When she’s 17, in the year 2029, her high school is part of the Race to the Top program, “implemented by President Obama.” When she’s 18, she and her family qualify for “President Obama’s American Opportunity Tax Credit.” When she’s 25, in the year 2037, she’s able to pay off her federal student loans “since President Obama capped income-based federal student loan payments.” When she’s 42 – this is the year 2044, and President Obama is at this point 83 years old, and well into his ninth term – she gets a small business loan thanks to “President Obama’s tax cuts for small businesses.” The slideshow concludes “President Obama is standing up for women throughout their lives.”

And apparently, for their entire lives.

Now, to be fair, it’s possible that Obama’s campaign is just assuming that none of his policies will ever be changed. Which is silly. Or, more likely, they just overlooked this small problem.

In any case, it’s just another footnote to one of the worst campaign initiatives in recent memory.


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