Obama Campaign 'All-In' on Tuesday's… *California* Primary?

Obama Campaign 'All-In' on Tuesday's… *California* Primary?

The Obama campaign has not sent out an email reminding Democrats to vote in Wisconsin’s Tuesday recall election, even though it sent an email urging California Democrats to vote in California’s primary, which is on the same day. 

Obama is spending Monday fundraising in New York with elite donors and former President Bill Clinton instead of campaigning in Wisconsin against Walker. His surrogates are trying to deemphasize the national impact of Wisconsin’s recall after many Democrats spent two years doing their best to nationalize it.

In an email from California State Director Mary Jane Stevenson, Stevenson writes: 

Quick reminder: Tomorrow is the California primary. Don’t forget to come out and show your support for President Obama.


Our grassroots organization is built on the belief that we will win by encouraging as many people as possible to take control of the political process.

It starts with you.

As of this writing, Wisconsin Democrats have not received even an email encouragement from the Obama campaign after the President spent the weekend physically distancing himself from the campaigns of recall candidates Tom Barrett and Mahlon Mitchell.


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