Obamacare: Don't Get Mad, Get to Work

Obamacare: Don't Get Mad, Get to Work

Get up.

Yeah, we got knocked on our tails last week. And? This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last. Now we have a choice to make. We can either choose to roll up into the fetal position and hope our new progressive overlords are merciful, or we can stand up – like Americans – and take this country and our Constitution back.

November is coming, and we’re not going to win this thing sitting around trying to figure out why John Roberts took the off ramp to Stupidville. 

Maybe he was eager to bask in the Strange New Respect McCain used to have from the liberal elite up until the time he became inconvenient. Maybe he sought to preserve the legitimacy of the Supreme Court – at least in the eyes of ivory tower law professors, aspiring bureaucrats, and Democrat collectivists. Maybe this was all a cunning scheme to save the Constitution by snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Who cares? It doesn’t matter.

All that matters is what we do about it right now.

From all the doom and gloom and outright despair we’re hearing from some on our side, it’s a wonder that we haven’t taken a collective leap off a ledge. The nation is finished, the Constitution is over, there is no hope… 

The hell with that. Nothing is over — not until we say it is.

When a military unit gets hit by the enemy, it doesn’t stop. It doesn’t whine. It assesses the situation, it reorganizes, and it counterattacks.

Let’s assess the situation. Obamacare is constitutional, but only under one waterboarded interpretation of the taxing power. So now Obamacare is officially and forever a tax – and America’s newest liberal icon said so. People hate taxes. That’s a handy fact; let’s tuck that little hand grenade in our ammo pouch, because we’ll be using it.

What do the American people think of the decision? The polls don’t show them as particularly impressed by Roberts’s legalistic onanism. It’s always nice to know you’re going into a fight with the majority of citizens on your side – particularly old ones, who all vote and all hate Obamacare for eviscerating Medicare to give free health services to deadbeats.

Let’s talk reorganization – except it’s less reorganization than reactivation. This is “Tea Party II: The Revenge,” and for once the sequel is going to be even better than the original. 

Remember the original? All the Tea Party did two years ago was take Obamacare, hang its putrid carcass around the Democrats, and send 60 of them packing off to find real jobs in the biggest Congressional housecleaning since FDR. Sure, the Dems have been telling us for almost two years that the Tea Party is disappearing, but why would we believe they can see it going away now when they couldn’t see it coming on back then?

In 2010, we were angry and disorganized, but we loved America and had the fire in our bellies. Now we’re infuriated and organized, but we still love America and now we know we are truly fighting for its life. Hey Carville, if the Tea Party was dying, John Roberts just applied the paddles.

And let’s assess our opponents. They are the usual Democrat suspects: welfare cheats handed a few bucks to carry protest signs they can barely read, government union losers still limping from the butt kicking we handed them in Wisconsin, aging law students who think we ought to chip in for their diaphragms, Hollywood stars who wonder why the rest of us don’t just eat cake, and an Administration with a track record of failure so complete they think that a 5-4 decision keeping a program Americans hate with a cold fury alive to be Topic A during the coming election is something to celebrate.

Yeah, it may be constitutional for now, but we’ll see who the bitches are in November.

And we’re already counterattacking.

Let’s look at the counterattack. Mitt Romney pulled in over $4 million on O-Day. That money didn’t come from those mysterious zillionaires who present such a threat to the country when they contribute to someone who isn’t Obama. They came from regular people, including me.

He needs more. And so do the other GOP candidates for the House and the Senate. Yeah, we all know the GOP’s myriad failures of will and principle over recent years. But it’s time to act, not to bicker. As a practical matter, no Democrat is ever going to vote for repeal. John Tester can film a commercial with a gun to show he’s not one of those wussy coastal libs, but when he leaves Montana, off come the cowboy boots and on go the Birkenstocks and he’s a guaranteed vote against repeal.

A vote for any Democrat is a vote for Obamacare. A vote for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obama. Period. That’s just a fact. One can whine and complain and mope, but unless you are actively supporting the GOP down the line, you are supporting Obama and Obamacare.

But giving some money and your vote, even if Mitt infuriated you in the primary, is not enough. The counterattack needs your time. 

It needs you to help with the crummy scut work of elections, knocking on doors and making calls. It needs you getting active in social media to spread the word and fight the smears – on Facebook, on Twitter, wherever. It needs you to talk to your friends and neighbors, particularly the dumb ones who tune into politics about 15 minutes before the polls open. The dumb ones are natural Obama voters and require your special attention.

Ask yourself this question everyday: “What did I do today to boot Obama and his corrupt liberal cronies out of Washington?” 

But the first step is getting up.

So another guy who spent his life wrapped up in the Washington establishment disappointed us. So we got slugged in the gut. So walk it off. Get up and fight for this country and our Constitution.

Over? Nothing is over until we say it is.


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