Heavily Democrat Hamptons: Too Many Immigrants Here

Heavily Democrat Hamptons: Too Many Immigrants Here

One-percenters in the Hamptons, a predominately Democrat area in both citizenry and representation, are furious over an influx of immigrants they claim are tainting their area. Some residents are angry enough to start a campaign to stop the relocation of new residents who don’t “fit” the Hamptons’s image.

The small town of East Hampton has gained a reputation as the playground for New York’s well-heeled elite, a place to spend the idle summer months in their million-dollar homes. 

But some of its wealthy residents are upset at an influx of less well-heeled workers who they say are lowering the quality of life and diminishing the appearance of the quaint Long Island town. 

A campaign group is focusing on the Springs area of East Hampton, dubbing itself ‘Unoccupy Springs’ and calling for an end to multiple families of low-wage workers living under one roof. 

Democrats eschew enforcing immigration laws, as seen with the Obama administration’s handling of Arizona’s law, upheld by SCOTUS. It does however seem that enforcement isn’t a concern until it affects them personally.

Some longtime residents of the Springs and similar areas complain that homes are being illegally crowded, that houses with half a dozen cars parked outside are a blight on the street, and that the many children living inside are overwhelming the local schools and causing property taxes to rise.

Some of the residents echo conservative concerns where it relates to overburdening local resources like schools. It’s interesting to see such a liberal stronghold suddenly develop an aversion to immigration when they’ve spent the past several years bashing Republicans for some of the things these residents are now saying. 


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