Former Cocaine User Obama Attacks Romney Over Event Hosted by Ex-Dealer

Former Cocaine User Obama Attacks Romney Over Event Hosted by Ex-Dealer

No, wait–seriously? Did the Obama campaign just tweet an Associated Press article about how a guy who owns a juice store that Mitt Romney visited in Miami was once convicted of dealing cocaine, 13 years ago? Does Barack Obama, who admitted he once had a cocaine habit (has any journalist asked if he still does?), really want to go there? Does he really want us to revisit his history of close association with criminals?

Excellent. Really, I am so glad that the media and the Obama campaign have decided to pull a Joe-the-Plumber routine on this guy, attacking him just for supporting the other side. Because it’s about time the public was reminded that the Obama campaign raised over $200,000 money this cycle from the Chicago-based brothers of a Mexican casino boss who jumped bail in the U.S. after being charged with drug crimes and fraud.

Of course, the campaign tried to play dumb–who knew that Carlos Cardona had tried to persuade the Democratic Party to have his fugitive brother Pepe pardoned? Who knew that Carlos and brother Alberto had roped other relatives into donating large sums to the Democratic National Committee, even after Democrats had been made aware of Pepe’s criminal ties, and the State Department had linked him to an assassination in Mexico?

In the end, the Obama campaign returned that cash. Just like Obama had to return some of the cash raised by convicted fraudster Tony Rezko–who, like former Illinois governor Rod Blagjevich, is sitting in federal prison while their old friend occupies the White House. 

But there’s all kinds of tainted money Obama isn’t returning–like the cash raised by campaign co-chair Jan Schakowsky, whose husband Robert Creamer went to prison for check kiting and tax evasion–then emerged to work for the Obama campaign.

This is fun–and it will be more fun once we find out what’s in those Fast and Furious documents Obama’s been hiding. Perhaps Attorney General Eric Holder will have more questions to answer, on top of questions about possible perjury regarding the New Black Panther Party case. There was also the attempted bribe of Joe Sestak. Etc.

But back to the juice bar. Isn’t it amazing how the Associated Press knows more about the drug history of a small business owner than it does about Barack “Choom Gang” Obama? Isn’t it amazing how merely hosting a Republican once leads to hit pieces by the media–scavenging opposition drops, even illegal ones, from the Democrats? 

Isn’t it time to hold Obama–and hacks like the AP’s David Fischer–to the same standard?


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