74% of Americans Support Voter ID Laws

74% of Americans Support Voter ID Laws

One of the left’s sillier temper tantrums is the fight against Voter ID laws. The law simply requires that a voter present a photo ID at the polling place, as a means to verify they are who they say they are. It is almost impossible to navigate daily life without a photo ID, yet the left argues that this burden is uniquely onerous. In their worldview, a person should be able to walk into the voting place, state a name and then vote without any verification the person is, in fact, that name. Fortunately, the American people loudly disagree. 

Yesterday, the Washington Post released a poll which found that 74% of American adults support the idea that voters should show a photo ID prior to voting. Keep in mind, the Post tried to game the results by framing the question as to whether you would support the requirement of an “official, government-issued” ID to vote. The intent of that questioning was to make the requirement seem like some special, extraordinary measure that would make voting harder. 

The American public isn’t buying it. 

The left has hitched its wagon to a number of rapidly falling stars. Voter ID requirements is just the most rapidly falling one. 

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