Cherokee, NC Native Americans: Elizabeth Warren a 'Deceiving Pretender'

Cherokee, NC Native Americans: Elizabeth Warren a 'Deceiving Pretender'

Officials at the Massachusetts Republican Party think Elizabeth Warren ought to drive a few hours after she delivers her speech to the DNC and meet with the people of Cherokee, North Carolina. After all, these are the people she said she was hoping to meet when she claimed to be Native American in the 1980s and 1990s at Penn and Harvard Law School.

Though Ms. Warren has refused to meet with Native American delegates in attendance at the DNC, the Massachusetts Republican Party hasn’t given up hope of persuading Ms. Warren to meet with some of the Native American families who have lived in the Cherokee, North Carolina area for many generations. 

This video, produced by the Massachusetts Republican Party, interviews several Native Americans, none of whom have much sympathy for Ms. Warren and her false claims of Native American ancestry. Mary Decker, who is described in the video as a full-blooded Cherokee, says that “the DNC should be ashamed of themselves for giving the microphone to this deceiving pretender.” 


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