Rasmussen: Romney Leads by Three in Iowa

Rasmussen: Romney Leads by Three in Iowa

A new Rasmussen Reports Iowa poll has Mitt Romney leading President Barack Obama by three points, 47% to 44%. Romney and Obama are now tied in the average of polls in Iowa in a state Obama won by nearly ten points in 2008. 

The poll found Obama has a “three-point lead among female voters in the state” while Romney is ahead by 10 points among male voters. Romney also has a “modest lead among voters in all age demographics.”

In the poll, Obama and Romney received “nearly 90% support from voters in their respective parties,” but Romney led by 11 points “among voters not affiliated with either the Democrats or the Republicans.”

Half of Iowans polled disapproved of the job Obama was doing. 

While the mainstream media has focused on Romney’s underperformance in key swing states like Virginia and Ohio, Obama’s underperformance in three key swing states — Iowa, Wisconsin, and Colorado — has not been noticed or mentioned.

Obama won Colorado by nine points in 2008 and won Wisconsin by nearly 14 points. But, along with Iowa, these states are now up for grabs and trending toward Romney.

If Romney can win two of these three states, it could give the former governor some breathing room on the electoral map and open up alternate pathways to victory that do not include sweeping Virginia, Ohio, and Florida. 


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