The Taking of American Freedoms

The Taking of American Freedoms

Recent events, both at home and abroad, show the growing trend ofmisinformation, intimidation, violence and coercion utilized by thosedetermined to force their will upon the majority of Americans whilestripping them of their most basic freedoms under the constitution.These tactics are being embraced by our current President and hiscampaign to obtain his re-election. They are, in fact, tactics thePresident himself learned from Big Labor’s Gasping Dinosaurs,and which he has, ironically, condoned when he sits back and votesthose who cannot survive in a free market society without the use offorce. These tactics have been chronicled in The Devil at Our Doorstep : The Taking of American Freedoms.

The Devil at Our Doorstepis believed by many to be a story solely about labor unions. Inreality, it is an expose and an indictment of how a segment of theAmerican population (and by extension, the world population) believethey have the inherent right to utilize any means necessary to achievetheir goals, even if it is at the expense of other peoples’ rights andfreedoms. It’s an indictment of the political process utilized by thefar left in America and radical groups around the world to achieve theultimate goal of socialism and a “one world order.” A goal the currentPresident of the United States not only agrees with, but is determinedto achieve!

National and international events, of both the past few weeks andthroughout the tenure of this Administration, are consistent with thetactics and objectives utilized by aggressive labor unions, as outlinedin The Devil at Our Doorstep.In my mind, there is no coincidence here. In order to share myconclusion on recent happenings, we must review some events/tactics thatare well known and widely reported in the media, as well as some towhich the media has turned a blind eye.

Internationally, the tragic deaths of Americans in the Middle Eastand the continued assault on Americans and American Embassies have beenmajor headlines this week, and rightfully so. Speculation has runrampant on the reason for the attacks carried out on the 9/11anniversary. Much of the speculation has pointed to the production of ananti-Islam YouTube video by an obscure artist. Many questions have beenasked about why the Embassies were not prepared and the military wasnot on high alert to the tepid response by the Administration to thecrisis. What has not been addressed is the philosophy of this Presidentand his underlying agenda. Whether he is Muslim or not, as manyspeculate, is irrelevant. What is relevant is his socialisticphilosophy, which is sympathetic to such causes and embraces the tacticsnecessary to achieve its agenda whatever the cost! In this case, theloss is American lives, yet the President’s action has been negligible,as he reverts to his well known stance of “voting present.”

At home, the Chicago teachers strike has continued to dominateheadlines, while the President again sits by and “votes present.”Obviously, he is in agreement with the union and it’s Persuasion of Power.However, the strike also diverts attention from the upcoming electionand the President’s failed policies. Look for more of these typescenarios to occur between now and Election Day! They are text book Corporate Campaigndiversion tactics designed and utilized by Big Labor to take peoples’eyes off the ball while achieving its agenda through coercion! One wouldthink the mainstream media would be all over the reasoning and timingof the current strike; however, it seems content to provide thePresident, his campaign and Big Labor the diversion desired because itis sympathetic to Big Labor and the President’s socialistic agenda.

Other occurrences have been completely ignored by the mainstreammedia! One involves fallout from the General Motors bailout, which inreality was no more than a government takeover of business and a bailoutfor the U.A.W.! Barely covered in the mainstream media was the factthat non-union employees at Delphi were forced to sacrifice theirretirement programs while the U.A.W. members’ programs were kept intact(see Delphi Salaried Employees, Tim Geithner Pressured Delphi to Cut 20k Worker Pensions Shows Obama is in Bed with Unions, and Non-Union Delphi Retirees Slam Obama Over Pension Cuts).Evidently, the White House and Treasury Department overstepped theirbounds and unilaterally decided who would receive pensions! Yet againthis Administration uses political tactics, as explored in The Devil at Our Doorstep,  to forcefully take from one to give to another were at work. Simply put, the philosophy of Control Business, Control the Countrywas at play! Talk about tyranny and “The Taking of American Freedoms!”Where was the media in all of this, and why weren’t they exposing thistravesty? Why are some people being given a free pass to trample uponthe rights of others to achieve their objectives?

The media bias has also been seen locally. Despite a news releasehaving been circulated to the press throughout the state of Indiana, itappears that only an Anderson, Indiana newspaper has reported about thedestruction of an anti-union sign. Apparently, local union sympathizersdid not like the sign that a member of the “Associated BuildingContractors” had on its trailer, which read “78% of Hoosier ConstructionWorkers Choose NOT to be Union.” The trailer was parked on privateproperty facing Interstate 69, close to Anderson, Indiana. Evidently,the sign was so offending to union sympathizers that they fire bombedthe company’s trailer! (See ABC Trailer Arson 09-11-12 and Trailer 2012)

The union sympathizers found the contractor’s sign objectionable, butstill rationalized that it is ok for them to march through the streetsof major cities with their patented “Shame On” signs and becomeindignant when people challenge them. Typical disingenuous andhypocritical “do as I say not as I do” union mentality!

What has happened to modern civilized society in America? We canrationalize such events in underdeveloped, less civilized societies, butcertainly not in the United States. Where is the outrage? Where is themainstream media? Why aren’t media outlets reporting on this destructionof personal property located on private land? Why aren’t they callingfor an investigation into these obvious tactics of intimidation andcoercion? Why isn’t this a national news story? Why doesn’t thePresident know about and condemn such blatant disregard to the right forAmerican freedom of speech and protection of American and personalproperty?

Perhaps because the mainstream is so invested in thisAdministration’s divisive policies to destroy the free market system forthe sake of so called “social justice.” It could also be explained as alack of investigative prowess in today’s media, or a fear of reprisalfrom the far left. Whatever the reason, the mainstream media better wakeup before this Administration along with its national and internationalallies fulfill their mission, “The Taking of American Freedoms.” Whatthe mainstream media seems to overlook is that the freedom of the presscould be next!

Vetting Obama’s Political Tactics is important. It is critical that the Romney realize the political reality of Obama’s Corporate Campaign tactics as described in the SEIU’s Contract Campaign Manual. Obama’s Death by a Thousand Cuts campaign will continue unless the Romney campaign recognizes the Lessons from the Wisconsin Recall and that they must punch the bully in the nose and expose him for what he really is!

It is just as important for Americans across the country to realizethat if the President is re-elected, “The Taking of American Freedoms”will become the major priority as he strives to complete hissocialistic/tyrannical objectives! America, We are at War! Armageddon is at Hand! Please Wake upand vote “No” to Obama and his cronies in November! Remember that in aspeech the President made right after his election in 2008 he commentedhe was going to fundamentally transform America. He is well on his wayand The Devil at Our Doorstep lays out the blueprint!


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