NC School District Pushes Union Propaganda in Math Classes

NC School District Pushes Union Propaganda in Math Classes

North Carolina is a so-called “right to work” state. Nonetheless, teachers unions obviously wield a tremendous amount of power over the curriculum. How else to explain why eighth graders in the state using the North Carolina Virtual Public School, a system used by state schools for so-called “blended learning,” enabling students to get educated at home, is loaded with union propaganda?

But here’s one way they’re educating their students in their high school equivalent math materials:

Did you catch that? Unions in math are like unions in real life: they’re awesome! And they represent everybody!

The particular student who discovered this doozy attends the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System. That’s district next door to the one that produced Tanya Dixon-Neely, the teacher who told her students that they could be arrested for criticizing President Obama.

The propaganda on behalf of the teachers unions never ends so long as Democrats like Gov. Bev Perdue remain in charge of our education system.


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