Soros's Samuel L. Jackson Ad Mocks Jewish Education

Soros's Samuel L. Jackson Ad Mocks Jewish Education

Jewish education is all about profanity, bestiality, and dishonesty–if George Soros, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sarah Silverman are to be believed. 

The so-called “Jewish Council for Education and Research,” in reality a super PAC backed by Soros’s son Alexander, has produced a new anti-Romney ad in which Jackson exhorts a family to “Wake the F— Up!” and work for President Barack Obama’s re-election. Earlier this year, the Jewish Council released an ad in which Silverman simulates sex with a dog to mock Jewish GOP donor Sheldon Adelson.

There is nothing “Jewish” at all about these ads–far from it. Yet Alexander Soros–with money, no doubt, from Soros père–uses the “Jewish” label to give the imprimatur of respectability to these profane and profoundly unfunny ads. 

Not even the smug liberalism which emanates from some corners of the Jewish institutional world would stoop as low as Soros. He has defamed the enterprise of Jewish education and the Jewish community. In any other context–i.e. if a Jew were not involved–the abuse of the “Jewish” label would be considered antisemitic.

In addition to profound bigotry, what the “Jewish Council” ads suggest is the desperation of Obama supporters in Washington and Hollywood. The Jackson ad suggests that Democrats fear and know that their supporters are less motivated to vote today than in 2008. It repeats several outright lies about Romney–i.e. that he does not believe in any kind of safety net–and in the end resorts to profanity, not only from Jackson but from a child.

The irony of a self-described “Jewish” organization releasing such an ad during the Jewish high holidays and at a time of profound threats to Israel and to Jews in Europe suggests an insensitivity bordering on malice. 

Don’t expect the Obama campaign, the craven mainstream media or a risk-averse Jewish institutional leadership to condemn the ad. But it is deeply offensive, and shows how low the left–and the Soros-funded far-left–will go.


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