Is America Becoming a Banana Republic?

Is America Becoming a Banana Republic?

Barack Obama was warned that our Libyan Embassy faced an attack on 9/11 and did nothing. Zero. Zip. Four brave Americans died, including our Ambassador. The media says nothing.

Before the attack, the Obama administration turned down a request from our Embassy in Libya for more security , even while Obama spent untold millions of taxpayer dollars giving a full Secret Service detail to White House aide, Valerie Jarrett.The media says nothing.

Obama and Hillary then tried to blame the cause of the Libyan Embassy attack on a YouTube video, when most every security expert in the Obama administration concluded it was a pre-planned terrorist attack. The media says nothing. 

Gas prices have doubled under Obama and are currently headed to an incredible $6 per gallon in California. Residents of the politically correct, environmentally-obsessed, anti-fossil fuel state, who want no oil drilling, no coal, no nuclear, no gas fracking, and no new refineries, don’t see the correlation between dropping gas prices in the rest of America (at the moment), and dramatically rising gas prices, shortages, and gas station closings in California. The media says nothing. 

Obama promised to cut the deficit in half. Instead he doubled it, became the first President in history to preside over 4 straight trillion dollar deficits, added an all-time record $5 trillion to the national debt, and presided over the first credit downgrade in U.S. history. More credit downgrades are coming. The media says nothing. 

New reports are out showing that suicides are now at an all-time high under Obama. For the first time ever, more Americans now commit suicide than die in car accidents. You think this might have something to with Obama’s miserable economy? The media says nothing. 

When elected, Obama said if he couldn’t fix this economic mess, “I’m a one-term President. Throw me out.” He made the economy far worse, yet he’s running for re-election and claiming success. The media says nothing.

The Obama administration is actively trying to suppress military voting from our brave soldiers overseas. The media says nothing.

Media Matters reports that the media coverage of Romney’s secret tape about “the 47%” received 13 to 1 media coverage versus Obama’s secret tape about his love for “income redistribution” (aka the central tenant of socialism).  

Should this surprise us? In a banana republic, the media protects their benefactor.

Obama loses the first Presidential debate badly, losing face with American voters. He was Romney’s piñata. 

This is a total embarrassment that destroys the narrative that Obama has all the answers. Suddenly, it’s clear Obama has none of the answers. It’s all Americans talk about for 48 hours. Then suddenly a miraculous jobs report is released by Obama’s Labor Department to distract the masses. You know, the same Labor Department whose government employees make political contributions to President Obama. 

Miraculously they report unemployment has dropped below 8% for the first time since Obama took office. 

43 straight months over 8% unemployment, and it changes dramatically for the first time in Obama’s Presidency, 48 hours after the debate. Happy Days are here again…until next month’s revision. 

The fix is in. Even former GE CEO Jack Welch called it Chicago-style chicanery. They cooked the books. There is no miraculous hiring increase. This appears, to anyone with a brain, to be manipulation by Labor Dept. bureaucrats coming just 4 weeks before the election. The media says nothing. 

First, the real jobs number was 114,000 jobs, as reported by employers. That’s a terrible number. It wouldn’t move the unemployment needle one tenth. But this second number that came out on Friday was based on phone calls made to “households.” Suddenly, only days before the Presidential election, the Obama Labor Department extrapolated that 873,000 new part-time jobs have been created, out of the blue, in one month, by talking to a sample of households…most of whom were undoubtedly Democrats from Detroit. The media says nothing.

Why isn’t the media asking Obama about an economy where, even if we suspend reality…if we agree this dubious number is actually true…everyone is being forced to lower expectations and take crummy, low-paying part-time jobs? The media says nothing. 

The Bureau of Labor & Statistics still reports that the number for “Real Unemployment” (called U6) in the United States, is 14.6%.  So why is the media trumpeting the 7.8% number that is based on a ludicrous 800,000 part-time jobs found out of the blue in one month? 

Lastly, while Obama rushed to get these obviously “surgically enhanced” unemployment numbers out before the stock markets opened on Friday, he managed to hold the bad news until after the markets closed for the weekend. What a surprise! The after-market news that few noticed is that food stamp usage has jumped to a new all time record of 46,681,833.  

Even worse, in the same month, the number of US households reliant on food stamps rose by an incredible 99,493 to 22,541,744. That means that even at a low average of two persons per household, more people went on food stamps in the past month than found jobs.  

Be sure to add in 20,474 new disability recipients for the month. In just a few years Obama has created the liberal nirvana — millions of Americans hooked like crack addicts on government handouts, and desperate to vote for Obama, the drug dealer that feeds their addiction. Is this a plan? Still the media says nothing.  

Why would they? America is on the way to becoming a Banana Republic. The mainstream media takes their marching orders from Obama. Worse, Obama himself ignores the adoring White House press corps, to instead take questions from the ladies at “The View” and “morning zoo” radio comedians. 

Have you seen Obama’s schedule? We are in a Great Depression II. Our economy is in the worst crisis since 1929. Our American Embassies are under attack throughout the Middle East. And Obama’s days are filled with golf, fundraising, campaign events, and media appearances (with those “morning zoo” crews). Who has time to worry about terrorist attacks, national security briefings, or that pesky little problem called the economy?

If Obama is re-elected, these are most certainly the last dying days of America.

Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, entrepreneur, and Tea Party Libertarian Republican. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web


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