Report: Feds Spend $516K on 'Prom Week' Video Game

Report: Feds Spend $516K on 'Prom Week' Video Game

Sen. Tom Coburn’s Wastebook 2012 is replete with fantastic examples of idiotic federal government spending. When the left complains that tax revenues aren’t high enough, the proper answer is that we should start by cutting stupidities like the “Prom Week” video game, which cost taxpayers some $516,000.

That’s right. More than half a million dollars was shelled out by the National Science Foundation to develop a video game simulating the social interactions of prom week. Players can pick any of 18 characters, then try to get “a date with that cute by in algebra class” or convince “Buzz to give Monica a second chance.”

Facebook hosts the game. It was posted in February 2012. It currently has 179 likes.

Only the government could spend $2,882 per Facebook like.


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