WSJ/NBC: Romney Surges, Tied with Obama

WSJ/NBC: Romney Surges, Tied with Obama

A new WSJ/NBC poll, released this morning, finds Romney surging in the final weeks of the campaign. He and Obama are tied at 47%. Previous polling by WSJ/NBC showed Obama with a steady 3-5 point lead in the presidential race. 

Full details on the poll won’t be released until 6:30 p.m. EDT. Keep in mind, that WSJ/NBC has employed some of the most ludicrously skewed polling this election. Their polls have lived in the land of unicorns and pixie dust in assuming that Democrats will increase their turnout advantage over 2008. This not only defies common sense; it flies in the face of actual evidence derived from early voting statistics. Their assumption also defies virtually all polling, which consistently finds GOP voters more enthusiastic about voting this year than Democrats.

It remains to be seen whether Romney’s surge in the polls is the result of WSJ/NBC adjusting their polling to something approaching reality, or whether Obama is in deeper trouble than anyone realizes. If they are continuing to assume a massive Democrat turnout and the race is tied, then we are about to experience our first one-term presidency in 20 years. 

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