Ending Spiritual Extortion: Faith and Change in 2012

Ending Spiritual Extortion: Faith and Change in 2012

We live amid enduring impermanence; a material world where, as Oscar Wilde noted, our desired “necessities” are demonstrably unnecessary.

Indeed, in this Age of Globalization, rife and rent with pervasive, instantaneous communications and the unprecedented expansion of human knowledge (if not wisdom), never have our times seemed so a-changin’.

Fortunately, stoutly set against the spasmodic pains of temporal change remains the rock of faith:  our bastion of sagacity passed down to us from those who’ve passed before us.

Faith reveals and preserves the immutable truths of our mortal existence–including our spark of The Divine and our feet of clay, which poses an existential threat (pardon the pun) to a Left is hell bent to “perfect” the imperfect–us.

Their ideological animadversions thus foiled by the obstacle of the spiritual (and reality), an obdurate Left demands that we must subordinate faith to the state (and, ultimately, supplant revealed religion with Rousseau’s “civic religion”, i.e. virulent secularism and its larval stage, political correctness). To attain this aim, the virulently secular Left practices state sanctioned, spiritual extortion.

From Obamacare to abortion to the Boy Scouts and beyond, the virulently secular Left condemns, coerces and/or co-opts believers and religious institutions with statutory ultimatums:  comply with the state’s dictates by violating and eviscerating your own God-given, constitutionally recognized and respected rights to freedom of religion and conscience; or defy the state’s dictates and suffer sanctions impairing and imperiling your religious liberty.

True, in reality, the Left’s use of their bully pulpit to bully the pulpits of America’s houses of worship poses no choice.  What does pose a choice is the election.

Come Tuesday, as throughout the ages, believers shall cling to the rock of faith as they roll with the changes of our days.  For, no matter the state’s blandishments or punishments, the faithful shall not cast themselves adrift in the tempest of the times by granting four more years to an administration bent upon sacrificing the spiritual upon the altar of the secular.

Thus being weighed in the balance and found wonting, the reelection President Obama administration will (kindly put) be found unnecessary; and all Americans will vote for the restoration of the Constitutionally promised and protected equality between the spiritual and temporal realms that a healthy citizenry rightly deems necessary.

Guitarist Thaddeus G. McCotter is a simple country lawyer from Detroit, and a recovering Congressbum


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