Top Ten Ways Occupy Wall Street Is Like a Two Year Old Child

Top Ten Ways Occupy Wall Street Is Like a Two Year Old Child

My wife Lauren and I have four kids living at home, including two that are two years old and under.I’ve also covered the Occupy Wall Street movement right here on Breitbart News and in the film Occupy Unmasked.Therefore, I know a thing or two about a thing or a two year old. And thus I bring you… 

How Occupy Wall Street Is Just Like My Two Year Old Son 

  1. Thinks that everything is theirs, especially if it’s yours.
  2. Often uses words they don’t understand. 
  3. Mostly positive portrayals in the media who seldom mention the bizarre temper tantrums. 
  4. Unable to articulate any achievable long-term goals. 
  5. Sometimes has the noticeable stench of poop. 
  6. Enjoys spending hours using the iPad and iPhone. 
  7. Considers full throated screaming to be an appropriate tactic for getting one’s way. 
  8. Completely dependent on other people and blissfully ungrateful about it. 
  9. Bitterly fights against authority, including the use of “slack body” techniques to avoid being moved.
  10. Most of the day consists of incessant talking and random pointless activity punctuated by occasional fits of random violence 

One big difference: my two year old is amazingly lovable despite all this.

Am I the only one to notice the similarity? Leave YOURS in the comments!


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