Biden Admits Majority of Gun Deaths Not Caused by Assault Weapons

Biden Admits Majority of Gun Deaths Not Caused by Assault Weapons

During a Google+ Hangout session, Vice President Joe Biden was asked about banning “assault weapons,” despite the evidence that proves the majority of gun deaths are not the result of people using such weapons.

According to Vice President Biden, this fact proves the weapons have little utility and should not be owned by the general public. A convenient catch-22: assault weapons should be banned because they’re dangerous; if assault weapons aren’t responsible for many deaths, then apparently people aren’t using them and there should be no problem with banning such weapons.

Regardless, this twisted logic does not answer the question proposed to him. If “assault weapons” are not responsible for the majority of gun deaths, why target them? It would make more sense to ban the guns that are being used in the majority of gun deaths.

After all, there have been two recent events where private citizens used an AR-15 to save their lives. A 15-year old boy and his 12-year old sister were home alone in Houston when two men tried to break in. The boy grabbed his dad’s AR-15 and shot at the invaders. On Tuesday, a Rochester Institute of Technology student aimed his AR-15 at two home invaders, who fled the house in fear.


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