SOTU 2013: Will Obama Go Even Harder Left on the Internet?

SOTU 2013: Will Obama Go Even Harder Left on the Internet?

Since reelection, the Obama Administration has been more strident and extreme than “advertised” before reelection. Why would Tuesday’s State of the Union address be any different?

The President’s Inaugural address was a Leftist manifesto – that sounded nothing at all like most anything he said during the campaign. 

We have a nearly $4 trillion per year government, increased dramatically from $2.7 trillion in 2008.  The President blithely says “We don’t have a spending problem,” raises taxes – and then demands we do so again and again.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a disaster.  The President appoints hard-Left John Kerry as her replacement.  The President nominates as his replacement hard-Left, utterly befuddled Chuck Hagel To replace Leon Panetta.

President Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) illegally imposed Network Neutrality and smart phone price control mandates in this first term.  Now that he is more “flexible” – what else could he have in mind?

The greatest power-grab-to-be would be the President’s Commission – in an attempt to protect Net Neutrality – reclassifying the Internet.

Meaning – again, without any legal authority whatsoever – President Obama’s FCC will move the Internet from Title I to Title II.  Title II is how the FCC over-regulates landline telephone lines – you know, that bastion of innovation lo these last seventy-plus years. Title II opens up the Pandora’s Box of uber-regulation of the Internet.  But wait – there’s more. 

Under Title II, President Obama can also begin to tax the Internet – just as the Feds tax landlines,  just as they already tax the living daylights out of your wireless Internet – checked your cell phone bill lately? It’s 17.4% – and climbing, an $8 billion total take in 2010 – and hurtling ever upward. 

More taxes and regulations, right in line with the Obama Agenda.  This despite FCC Chairman Julian Genachowski admitting the Commission has absolutely no authority to do any of it.

“(W)e have a Communications Act that wasn’t written for broadband.”

Exactly – which means they can’t do it.  But when has that ever stopped them?  

And what will all those new regulations and taxes mean?

A June 2010 New York Law School study found that reclassification of the Internet as a telecom service and subsequent imposition of net neutrality rules would cost the economy at least $62 billion annually over the next five years and eliminate 502,000 jobs.

Just what our shrinking economy needs. 

Will the President admit on Tuesday the dramatically enfeebled state of our union?  Of course not.  He will instead declare his all-encompassing intention to incapacitate it further still.


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