Michelle's 'Let's Move' Website: Ski for Exercise!

Michelle's 'Let's Move' Website: Ski for Exercise!

Nothing says “cares about you” quite like sending your tweener kids on posh vacations to the Bahamas and Sun Valley to frolic in the surf and snow on the taxpayer dime. But lest Americans think that the Obamas are hypocrites for their upscale vacation choices, the Let’s Move website, the exercise initiative started by First Lady Michelle Obama, suggests that all Americans ski for exercise:

Hit the Slopes!

January is National Ski & Snowboard Month!  For ideas on where to go and how to get started, visit Learn to Ski and Snowboard website.

This helpful information was posted last year. The cost of ski clothing, ski rental, and ski lift tickets may not fit into many families’ budget in this economy. Sadly, American vacations aren’t subsidized the way White House vacations are.


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