DC Abortionist: Pro-Life Activists Are 'Terrorists'

DC Abortionist: Pro-Life Activists Are 'Terrorists'

The Washington, D.C. abortionist who was the focus of the second Live Action undercover investigation of the late-term abortion industry has said that he has not watched the video exposé of his clinic because, “I don’t like to feed into these people. I really consider them terrorists.”

LifeSiteNews states that Dr. Cesare F. Santangelo’s reaction demonstrates that abortionists are hostile to and concerned about the political advocacy of the pro-life movement.

In response to Santangelo’s comment, Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action, said, “For Dr. Santangelo to call a 24-week pregnant woman a terrorist, after having just admitted he would leave struggling babies to die after surviving abortion, is a desperate attempt to distract from his own horrific actions.”

In an interview with the Washington Post, Santangelo attempted to walk back his statements to the undercover investigator about how he would handle the situation if her baby survived an abortion. In the video, Santangelo tells the pregnant woman that he would ensure the baby died: “Then we would do things – we would – we would not help it. We wouldn’t intubate.”

Santangelo told the Post that he was trying to reassure the woman. In reality, he said, he would call 911. 

“What I said is, basically I wouldn’t do anything extraordinary,” Santangelo said. “We would call EMS. We would call 911. But I wouldn’t do intubation or anything… You let nature take its course.”

Santangelo has not been charged with violating the law. His attorney, Alfred R. Belcuore, said his client practices medicine in full compliance with the laws in the District of Columbia.

Live Action plans to release more investigative videos as part of a campaign to expose the late-term abortion industry in the nation. The first video release focused on a Bronx, New York abortion counselor advocating infanticide following a live-birth abortion.

Since the new media has brought attention to the gruesome Gosnell abortionist trial in Philadelphia, the question has now been posed whether there are more “Gosnells” running similar “houses of horror” in the country.

In her USA Today column on Monday, Kirsten Powers, who initially challenged the media on its lack of coverage of the Gosnell trial, wrote:

Abortion rights advocates have asserted that Gosnell was an “extreme outlier” and opposed legislation to increase regulation of Pennsylvania abortion clinics as they have in other states. But how could they possibly know that this is an aberration?

In fact, as the unchecked practices of abortion clinics around the country are now being exposed, it is becoming increasingly likely that the Gosnell “house of horrors” is only the tip of an expansive iceberg.


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