Weiner's In!: Ex-Congressman Running for New York Mayor

Weiner's In!: Ex-Congressman Running for New York Mayor

After his public fall from grace, Former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner has gotten back up and entered the race for mayor of New York City. His first campaign advertisement went live late Tuesday. The full release: 

In the ad, you hear about the former U.S. Representative’s past and ideas, but one thing you won’t hear is his last name. For a candidate with very high name recognition among his prospective constituency, failing to mention his last name a single time in a two minute-plus ad would be unheard of for any other politician on the planet. But not Weiner.

In May of 2011, Breitbart News broke the story that the then-Congressman had tweeted a picture of his own crotch to tens of thousands of his Twitter followers from his verified account. He quickly deleted the tweet and falsely claimed that he had been “hacked.” He resigned in June of that year. In the ad, the Big Apple native pleads with New Yorkers for a second chance, but it will now be up to the voters to decide if two years is an adequate refractory period for Weiner.

Last month, Weiner said that he isn’t sure if more lewd photos of him and/or his anatomy exist that have yet to surface.

Alexander Marlow is Managing Editor of Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @alexmarlow.


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