Obama Pushes Magic Soccer Ball in Africa

Obama Pushes Magic Soccer Ball in Africa

Barack Obama will do anything to promote alternatives to using fossil fuels for energy, including bouncing a soccer ball on his head. Showing off his amazing athletic and acrobatic skills, Obama posed with a Soccket ball on his head in Tanzania because the ball manages to convert kinetic energy into electricity.

How much energy? Enough to light a lamp! Except the ball costs $99 and a solar-powered lamp costs $10. So typical of Obama: championing ridiculously expensive green energy ideas simply for the sake of his agenda.

But his staff and assorted admirers were practically hyperventilating with excitement on Twitter:

Valerie Jarrett: Thank you Jessica and Victor for turning 30 mins of play into 3 hrs of light. SOCCKET Ball = Genius!

Ben Rhodes: In Tanzania today, POTUS did a header with the @SOCCKET, a mobile energy harvesting soccer ball. Genius!

Winning Progressive: What a great idea! A soccer ball that produces renewable energy!

Jarrett again: Last Stop in Dar es Salaam: Presidents Obama & Kikwete demonstrate mobile energy harvesting SOCCKET ball

Bouncing a soccer ball on his head that could power a lamp may be the closest Obama has ever come to seeing the light.


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