Obama Yet Again Defies Law – Delays ObamaCare Employer Mandate

Obama Yet Again Defies Law – Delays ObamaCare Employer Mandate

It was another busy week in the Lawless Fiefdom of President Barack Obama. 

Just before the Independence Day four-day weekend–as President Obama and his White House stenographer reporter pool were on a 20-hour flight back from Africa–We the Subjects were handed down:

White House To Delay ObamaCare’s Employer Mandate Until 2015

Most of the Republican-conservative cognoscenti has limited their reaction to the (very important) point that this yet again demonstrates that the Affordable Care Act is a disaster.

Obamacare Train Wreck Continues to Crash

Obamacare Is Now a “Slow-Motion” Train Wreck

Republicans Launch Probe Into ObamaCare Mandate Delay

House Republicans are investigating the Obama administration’s move to delay a key part of the health care overhaul, claiming the announcement was “completely at odds” with prior claims that ObamaCare was running on schedule and questioning what provisions might be delayed next. 

But that’s not the most important aspect of the delay. Is ObamaCare written in a manner that in any way allows the administration to unilaterally delay this portion of the law? Absolutely not. 

This is authoritarian Rule of Man, not Law. And yet another example of the administration finding all or part of a statute distasteful–and simply defying it.

Obama’s (Immigration) Amnesty-by-Fiat: Naked Lawlessness

Those laws remain on the books. They have not changed. Yet Obama last week suspended these very deportations–granting infinitely renewable “deferred action” with attendant work permits–thereby unilaterally rewriting the law. And doing precisely what he himself admits he is barred from doing.

Obama Violated Bankruptcy Principle in GM Aid

“One of the major elements of a bankruptcy is that debtors similarly situated get treated the same,” (former American International Group Inc. chairman Harvey) Golub told Bloomberg Television’s Betty Liu on the “In the Loop” program today. “They changed the rules and bailed out the unions, not the companies.”

Not satisfied with just being a one-man-gang executive and legislative branch, President Obama has also decided to commandeer the judiciary.

Obama Administration Declares DOMA Unconstitutional, Won’t Defend it in Court

And when the president can’t get Congress to pass laws he likes–he just starts making them up and imposing them.

Emperor Obama: ‘We Can’t Wait’ for the Constitutional Process and the Representative Rule of Law

“The truth is, we can no longer wait for Congress to do its job….So where Congress won’t act, I will.”

Election Over, Administration Unleashes New Rules

In recent weeks, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed rules to update water quality guidelines for beaches and other recreational waters and deal with runoff from logging roads. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, meanwhile, has proposed long-delayed regulations requiring auto makers to include event data recorders _ better known as “black boxes” _ in all new cars and light trucks beginning in 2014.

The administration also has initiated several rules to implement its health care overhaul, including a new fee to cushion the cost of covering people with pre-existing conditi

In Climate Change Fight, Obama to Bypass Congress and Enact Unprecedented Powerplant Regulation

President Barack Obama declared the debate over climate change and its causes obsolete….

The president thinks he can also all by himself end that discussion. (Though someone needs to tell East Anglia University–the font of all the climate “science” on which the president relies. ClimateGate, anyone?)

Card Check By Obama Administration Fiat

Labor unions rolls decline and so, the Obama administration gives them a win they couldn’t get legislatively.

Obama Administration Forced Fiat Marriage on Chrysler

The government has forced changes in bank boards and pushed the head of GM out of his job. Former Treasury chief Paulson even forced the Merrill Lynch deal on Bank of America.

And perhaps nowhere has the Obama administration been more unilaterally, illegally over-active than in the tech sector. Possibly because there are very few laws regulating it (thus its phenomenal success). And thus the administration decided it had some serious catching-up to do. 

Obama Rule by Fiat to Begin with Net Neutrality

Which gives the government access to every website on the planet. No biggie. And the administration was just as transparent with it as with everything else.

Right Before It Tries to Take Over the Internet, the FCC’s Websites Are ‘Unavailable’ Due to ‘Scheduled Maintenance’

This was in December 2010–just after the Tea Party revolution ended President Obama’s one-party rule. So he decided on a new approach. 

And he’s nothing if not thorough.

Obama Forcing Private Companies to Have Board Votes on (Net Neutrality)

But wait–there’s oh so much more.

Cell Phone Price Controls: The FCC’s Next Power Grab

Obama Contemplates Internet Tax

Executive Order: Obama’s Cyber Security Power Grab

Obama Administration’s Next Illegal Power Grab-That Will Again Cost You Money

Is the administration finally finished? Ummm…no.

FCC…May Push for Title II ISP Reclassification if (Net Neutrality) Rules Overturned 

Because nothing says “light-touch” regulation like applying 1930s land-line telephone rules to the Internet.

How’s it look going forward?

‘More Flexibility’: Obama to Govern by ‘Executive Fiat’ in Second Term

Obama Wields Regulatory Authority Aggressively in Second Term



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