Report: Apt. Complex that Banned Gun Owners Intimidates Tenants

Report: Apt. Complex that Banned Gun Owners Intimidates Tenants

The management group which tried to tell its Colo. apartment residents they could not keep weapons in their own units is as uncomfortable with the First Amendment as it is the Second.

Castle Rock resident Art Dorsch, 77, told a Denver-area station about new rules set by Ross Management Group that would deny residents of Oakwood Apartments the right to have guns in their homes. Dorsch is a military veteran who keeps a gun in a safe to protect himself against possible intruders. He told a Denver television reporter he would have to give up his guns or be removed from the property.

Said rule was overturned Wednesday night during an emergency meeting held by the property’s owners, but Ross Management Group has been particularly tight lipped about the matter.

A person who identified herself as part of the management company told this reporter, who was asking questions of an apartment resident, to leave the Oakwood Apartments’ premises. The management representative would not even accept this reporter’s business card.

The company gave the same silent treatment to another Denver-based reporter, saying it does not talk to the media and abruptly hanging up.

The resident Breitbart News spoke with would not give her name for fear of a reprisal from the company. She told Breitbart News the management company instigated the no firearms policy without consulting tenants, and that it also has rules on the books which forbid residents from speaking ill of the group.

The management company told the television reporter its policy is to not speak with the press.

Oakwood Apartments sits on a quaint piece of land near a vista with gorgeous, flat top mountains, and the resident spoke glowingly of the area. Still, she understands that criminals can strike in even serene settings.

“We have no protection here,” she said. The woman added that while some buildings on the 3.5 acre property feature locked doors others do not.


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