Trump Blasts Christie for Hiring Romney Strategists

Trump Blasts Christie for Hiring Romney Strategists

On Tuesday, Donald Trump blasted Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for hiring Mitt Romney’s top strategist Stuart Stevens, and warned him against being involved with with former Romney associates. 

“I think he did a terrible job for Mitt Romney, absolutely terrible,” Trump said on Fox News of Stevens. “That was a campaign that should have been won. I don’t know Stuart Stevens from a hole in the wall. I don’t know what he looks like. But I will say this, whoever ran that campaign, that is not the person I would want running my campaign if I were running.”

Earlier, Trump called Stevens a “disaster” and, according to The Hill, warned Christie that only bad things can occur if he continues to employ strategists from Romney’s campaign.

“I think probably based on everything I’ve read and heard, [Christie] is going to use a similar group that Mitt used,” Trump said. “And of course, Chris is a lot different than Mitt. I think using Stuart Stevens and the group of people that so badly, I mean, so badly ran Mitt Romney’s campaign, I think it’s a disaster for Chris.”


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