Chicago War Zone: 20 shot, 5 Dead Since Friday, Governor Mulls National Guard

Chicago War Zone: 20 shot, 5 Dead Since Friday, Governor Mulls National Guard

Deadly violence has continued to rage on in Chicago since Thursday night’s mass shooting that left 13 wounded, including a three-year old boy who was shot in the head. Between Friday and Sunday morning, there have been at least 20 more shot leaving five dead and 15 injured. Police shot one man wanted in connection with a burglary, as he allegedly tried to drive his car into a police car.

The ongoing epidemic has prompted Chicago media to question Governor Pat Quinn about the need for additional support for law enforcement. Quinn told reporters there have not been any specific conversations about the use of Illinois State Police or National Guard to assist Chicago Police however did say he is “open” to it.

“I think anyone who saw what happened in Cornell Park [Thursday’s mass shooting of 13] the other night was horrified by the violence. I live on the West Side of Chicago. It is an area that has been inflicted with violence, and we’ve got to protect the people,” Quinn said.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was traveling around the country, appearing on the Late Show and fundraising for Newark, New Jersey Mayor Corey Booker during last week’s string of violence. After releasing a statement about the Thursday’s massacre, Emanuel received strong criticism from his residents on the Mayor’s official Facebook page.

One resident said, “Mayor Emanuel, we need you to focus on Chicago and get off the world stage.”

Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy have continued to iterate Chicago murders have declined from 2012’s bloodbath year by 21%, while both continuing to for push for more gun restrictions to curb the ongoing “gun violence.”

Deonta Howard, the three-year old boy shot on Thursday night is said to be “recovering,” but will need some plastic surgery.

One south side Chicago resident told Breitbart News, the mass shooting occurred on a basketball court, “right underneath one the police crime monitor cameras.” He asked, “why haven’t the police released any of that footage, so people can help try to find the shooters?”

Chicago Police have not announced any arrests in that shooting.

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