34 Homicides in Rahm's Chicago in October

34 Homicides in Rahm's Chicago in October

October was another bloody month for the city of Chicago, as the city suffered 34 homicides, 29 from fatal shootings, and 98 more shot and injured.

Seven more people have been killed thus far in November, bringing the murder total for the year to 387.

That number remains below 2013, however, as of October 27; the Chicago Police Crime Data Portal shows the murder rate unchanged from 2011, and a 20% spike in murders for the previous four weeks.

While city officials, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, continue to tout “lower crime rates,” Chicago resident and former high-ranking member of the Gangster Diciples, Harold “Noonie” Ward, told Breitbart News, “Crime isn’t down. That is a lie.” 

“Crime is down because last year we had 500 murders. This year we have almost 400. That isn’t down. It might be fewer murders, but 400 murders can’t be considered a real improvement,” he explained. “When are we gonna be lower than 100 murders or no murders?”

“If Rahm Emanuel and Garry McCarthy want to stop this, they can stop this,” Ward claimed. “They can stop it with more police, they can stop it by not closing 47 schools in black neighborhoods, they can stop it by not starving black folks from jobs, contracts and opportunities, and they can stop it by stopping the illegal alien drug cartels from  running their businesses and importing illegal guns on the streets of Chicago.”

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