Jesse Jackson Jr.'s, Campaign Has Missed Last 3 FEC Filing Deadlines

Jesse Jackson Jr.'s, Campaign Has Missed Last 3 FEC Filing Deadlines

Disgraced former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., who began serving a 30-month prison sentence on October 29, for misusing $750,000 in campaign funds to live a lavish and extravagant lifestyle, has reportedly failed to file the past three required quarterly finance reports to the Federal Election Commission.

The Chicago Tribune reports, the FEC sent Jackson a letter last Friday informing him, “His campaign may have failed to file a report for the third quarter of this year.”

From the Trib:

Campaigns must file reports with the FEC until the commission accepts a campaign’s “termination report,” FEC spokesman Christian Hilland said today.

A campaign can terminate when it no longer intends to receive contributions and make expenditures or disbursements, providing it has no debts or obligations, he said.

The Jackson, Jr., campaign has reportedly not filed a financial report since December 2012, when it stated having $105,703 in cash, but there have been no reports filed since.

It remains unclear if any of the $105,703 in Jackson, Jr.’s, account, as of his last FEC filing has been spent, but it could have been used to cover legal expenses.

The FEC does allow federal candidates to use campaign funds to pay for legal expenses that arise out of campaign activities, “on a case by case basis.” However, according to agengy’s guidelines, “Before using campaign funds to pay any legal expenses, a Member should consult with the Ethics Committee to ensure that the legal services are ones that the Member may properly pay with campaign funds.”

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