New GOP Congressman Supports Amnesty

New GOP Congressman Supports Amnesty

Vance McAllister, the Louisiana Republican who got elected to Congress on Saturday after being endorsed by Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson, supports amnesty for all of the country’s illegal immigrants. 

“We have to secure the borders, but (citizenship) has to be attainable for those people already here,” he told before the election. “It has to be a tough path, but it has to be attainable.”

According to the outlet, “McAllister would advocate: identify yourself; understand and speak English; pay two years in back taxes; obtain a general equivalency diploma; and have a clean criminal record.”

Though House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and other leaders indicated they would not conference with the Senate on the Senate bill, which provides a pathway to citizenship for the country’s illegal immigrants. There are reportedly 29 House Republicans who have indicated some support for a pathway to citizenship provision. Three House Republicans also have said they would support the bill introduced by House Democrats, which is the Senate’s bill with weaker border security measures. 

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who has championed the Senate’s immigration bill, said the goal was to make a final push for immigration reform after the GOP primaries to pass a bill the Congressional Budget Office determined would reduce the wages of working class Americans. 


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