Gore Brings Global Warming Disaster Show to Kansas City

Gore Brings Global Warming Disaster Show to Kansas City

Like a modern day Irwin Allen, former Vice President Al Gore brought his traveling disaster show to Kansas City.

The Kansas City Star reported that Gore brought his global warming show to the Westin Crown Center ballroom on February 22 as part of the Folk Alliance International conference.

He told tales of climate change, wildfires, droughts and floods and also showed clips of his now widely debunked 2006 film Inconvenient Truth, particularly the scenes showing Manhattan under hundreds of feet of water, scenes that have been ridiculed for years.Gore made a long series of alarmist claims. The “dust bowl” was coming back, he said, floods will inundate the country, too. Speaking of flooding, he also said that there may be nuclear war because of flooding in Pakistan! Yes, he actually said nuclear war will occur because of floods due to global warming.

Still, Gore told attendants that he did understand that there was a lot of Al Gore fatigue out there and that people are getting tired of hearing about it all.

But like the guru he is, Gore was undaunted.

“Do we really have to do this and–if the answer is yes–can we do it?” The Star wrote that Gore told the crowd.

“The answer to both of those questions–spoiler alert–is ‘yes.'”

The former veep went on to extol the virtues of the so-called “green energy” efforts of other countries, but apparently neglected to inform his listeners that many of those same nations are scaling back their commitments to green energy because of the widespread failure of green tech.

Gore then said that the folk music scene should jump into global warming alarmism to help spread the message.

Just as folk music played “a positive role in resolving the central question in civil rights, as to what was truly right and truly wrong,” so too could folk music spread the global warming message today.