Utah School District Issues AR-15s to School Officers

Utah School District Issues AR-15s to School Officers

Utah’s Granite School District issued AR-15s to the officers guarding their campuses, and the police department that provides the officers is thrilled to have the rifles. 

According to NBC News, police chief Randy Johnson said the guns would help officers with “rapid response” to emergency situations. He said time is of the essence when an attack on a school is underway: “If we don’t get in and stop the shooter, more people are going to die.”

In addition to the AR-15 rifles, officers who work Granite School District schools are being trained “to go to the sound of the gunfire and stop the threat that is taking place.”

We saw the value of such training at Arapahoe High School just before Christmas. On December 16th, Breitbart News reported that the attack on that school lasted only 80 seconds because the school’s armed guard ran toward “the noise of gun shot.” 

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