Abortion Groups Behind Wendy Davis Fundrasing Boom

Abortion Groups Behind Wendy Davis Fundrasing Boom

Pro-abortion groups operating outside of Texas are largely responsible for the increase in funds coming into the Wendy Davis gubernatorial campaign according to an analysis of records by the Dallas Morning News. Planned Parenthood alone spent $20,000 to help Davis conduct a survey.

The paper reports that much of the new money coming into the Davis campaign is from independent members of Planned Parenthood, both the state and national organizations, and other pro-abortion groups like EMILY’s List. Planned Parenthood, records show, also spent an extra $9,000 for web design for Davis. 

Davis’s website, where she has posted her official platform, does not mention her support for gun rights or medical marijuana and does not mention that Davis now claims to support a ban on abortions after 20 weeks

Davis rose to national prominence by filibustering a bill in the Texas State Senate that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks.

The numbers also show that the new influx of money comes in significant amount from outside of Texas. 27% of Davis’s campaign income this month came from outside Texas, compared with Republican candidate Greg Abbott, who only received 2% of his funding from outside the state. While Davis’s current financial situation is improved compared to the dire lack of funds raised in early January, the campaign is struggling to keep up with a popular Republican opponent. 

This is especially true when it needs to outsource its fundraising, as Texas Democrats have expressed dismay with the current state of the Davis campaign, particularly her support for gun rights. Abbott is wildly outperforming Davis in the polls, currently boasting an eleven point lead in the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll

Davis is currently attempting to stir Texans into supporting her by attacking Greg Abbott for having the support of rock star Ted Nugent, while Abbott continues to raise funds off of his own campaign platform.

Abbott, currently the state’s Attorney General, has remained consistent throughout his campaign on policy initiatives that he would like to implement, from fighting crime to combating illegal immigration. He has mostly refused to comment on his opponent in the general election, though Davis has spent much of her campaign blaming Abbott for attacks on her campaign. Most notably, Davis blamed the Abbott campaign for the revelation that the life story she claimed was largely false, particularly her claim that she was a “single teen mom” and paid her way through law school by working. Both Abbott and the reporter responsible for breaking the story denied the allegation.