EXCLUSIVE–AZ GOP District Chair: SB1062 Is Pro-Religious Freedom, Not Anti-Gay

EXCLUSIVE–AZ GOP District Chair: SB1062 Is Pro-Religious Freedom, Not Anti-Gay

On February 26th, Breitbart News spoke with Republican Timothy Schwartz (Chairman, Dist. 30-Maricopa County) about SB1062, which is currently sitting on Gov. Jan Brewer’s (R) desk waiting for her signature.

We discussed the February 25th letter eleven bipartisan law professors sent Brewer, warning her that SB1062 was being “egregiously misrepresented” by its critics. Schwartz concurred: “It amazes me that the media is giving attention to people who claim that this bill targets the homosexual community, when in fact nothing in the bill comes close to even mentioning their group.”

He said the reality on the ground is that “homosexuals are accusing us of discrimination, yet there is no such discrimination.”

He said he does believe “discrimination” is the way homosexuals handle those who do not agree with them:

If you look at what is happening in our country, you will see florists, cake makers, and photographers lose their businesses because they practice their God-given and constitutional rights to follow their moral convictions. In light of the constitution, these business are actually the ones being discriminated against.

Schwartz referenced storefront signs that read, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone?” He explained such signs aren’t directed toward any group of people in particular. Rather, they are statements of the business owners’ prerogatives to their businesses in line with their moral convictions – be those convictions “religious or non-religious in their foundation.”

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