Conservatives Remember Andrew Breitbart on 2nd Anniversary of Death

Conservatives Remember Andrew Breitbart on 2nd Anniversary of Death

On the inaugural episode of Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius XM radio show, listeners were treated to an array of Tea Party leaders and up-and-coming conservative visionaries celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Tea Party. 

During interviews with Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, not surprisingly, almost all of them expressed their love for Andrew Breitbart and how they were inspired by the righteous indignation he expressed toward the mainstream media and the institutional left.

In tribute to Andrew on the second anniversary of his death, here are some of the thoughts and remembrances that were shared about Andrew and his legacy, Breitbart News Network, from a few of these influential conservatives:

Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN): “I loved him, I loved Andrew, his example inspires us every day. And we thank his wife and his children for the sacrifice they gave for allowing Andrew to be a part of our lives.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): “Andrew Breitbart was an extraordinary patriot. He was fearless. His loss is felt every day. I thank you (Steve) in carrying forth Andrew’s legacy. You know, one of the things Andrew understood is that real political power in this country is not found in Washington. It’s not with an elected official. Real political power is with the American people. Sovereignty resides with ‘We the people.’ Now an awful lot of Washington is not listening to the American people. I’ve said many, many times that the greatest divide in Washington is not between Republicans and Democrats. It is between entrenched politicians in Washington in both parties and the American people.”

Rep. Steve King (R-IA): “Andrew took a beating from the left..they would attack him. Andrew’s presence exists in things that we do every day. He is inspiration for us. I think the thing that hit Andrew the hardest was when people called him a racist. If you knew him he was the furthest thing from it. Everything he did was about individual rights and constitutional rights, all the things that make America great. Yet he took it personally that anyone would leap to a conclusion that there could be even a thread of racism within him. And he pushed back against it. If there were any attacks that came into his twitter account he would just re-tweet them. I think about him every day when I see those hateful tweets now coming in at me.”

“I loved Andrew and I will never forget that sparkle in his eye that joy in his face when he went in to the arena that he fought in and it inspired all of us. What I see at Breitbart’s team is that it’s grown, it’s got stronger–its voice in America is powerful. We look to Breitbart to lead us in the conservative movement. He was a great man and he identified really good people. And because he had confidence in us we stepped forward more strongly.”

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX): “All I can tell you is when Andrew was going to open the Breitbart Embassy in D.C. all I wanted to do was go over and hang with him. That first night he had the grand opening all these party animals were leaving but we were still hanging in there telling stories and having a good time. We had a bond that went beyond telling stories but hating lies, loving truth. Wanting to bring out truth even if it’s with people maybe you work with. Even if it’s uncomfortable to bring truth out. We shared all of that because in the end truth will keep us free. To help us we got Breitbart and all of the Bigs that have come from Breitbart. It’s the first website I check every day. And it is the last one I check at night. The so-called mainstream is not about truth anymore. So many have sold their soul to get this president elected, that they will do whatever it takes to keep from losing all that they got from selling their souls. And that means looking the other way when it comes to scandals.”

Sonnie Johnson, Breitbart Contributor: “The one thing about Andrew that meant the most was that everyone was clamoring to hear from him, he gave other people the spot light. He lifted other people up and gave them a platform. And that was a magnificent thing about Andrew. But it was even made better, and people are now quoting me about this but it was definitely an Andrew Breitbart original that ‘If you can’t sell freedom you suck.’ And that is something I carry with me everywhere I go and every time I get a chance to say it I make sure I do.”

David Webb, Radio Host and Fox News Contributor: “I see myself with Breitbart as not only a collaboration of friends and like-minded people and honest people. What was Andrew about? Honest debate–open more voices not less. The Breitbart team is invaluable to me and their stories are invaluable to my show.”


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