Meet the Gay Black Republican Selling Guns Online for Bitcoin

Meet the Gay Black Republican Selling Guns Online for Bitcoin

Michael Cargill is a gay, black Republican who owns Central Texas Gun Works and sells guns online for Bitcoin. 

According to Forbes, Cargill’s store is “the first legal Bitcoin-friendly firearm retail business in the country, if not the world.” He started “accepting Bitcoin as an alternative to dollars for all sales… in January” and he was “inundated with [so many] emails and phone calls” that he began selling online as well. 

Ironically, Cargill says he “never wanted to sell guns online,” but the demand for them required it.

Like all other gun dealers, firearms purchased online from Central Texas Gun Works are shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) near the buyer. The FFL then conducts a background check before releasing the firearm to the would-be purchaser.

Cargill used to be a Democrat. And in January 2013 he told Aol.Original he was “frustrated by some of the anti-gun arguments made by members of [that] party.” He said they needed to “stop trying to make people feel guilty about protecting themselves.”

On March 10th Breitbart News spoke to Cargill and he said he changed party affiliation to Republican before the 2013 election season. 

His store sells t-shirts emblazoned with the words, “Buy a gun, annoy a liberal.” 

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