Knife Control Based on Same 'Irrational Premise' as Gun Control

Knife Control Based on Same 'Irrational Premise' as Gun Control

On March 29th Breitbart News sat down with founder Doug Ritter. We discussed the growing efforts to stop and/or repeal knife control and ways in which knife control and gun control intersect.

We asked Ritter, “So how do laws banning or controlling certain types of knives about?” 

He responded: 

Well, look at an article like the one James Oliphant wrote for National Journal. There you see the language of “deadly blades” and you see knives described as “weapons.” I am convinced the use of such phraseology is no accident. When knives are described this way it paints a picture that anyone who carries them is doing so with the intent of using them offensively.

And many of those who use these descriptions comprise the same group of folks who object to firearm ownership

We asked Ritter if he could provide a real-life example of how knife control and gun control intersect. 

He responded:

Look what they’re doing in New York City regarding pocket knives. District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., is prosecuting individuals who are caught carrying “illegal gravity knifes.” These are the very knives 90 percent of the people American people carry when they carry a knife: they are folding pocket knives. But the DA claims these are illegal because if you try hard enough you can probably flip them open with an aggressive arm and wrist movement–thus the label “gravity knives.”

Now get this–If you are a gun owner in NYC, once you are arrested for having an “illegal gravity knife” you have to turn in your guns within 24 hours.

Ritter continued: “We had a Nevada legislator who wanted to restrict blade length to 2 inches. This is the same mentality that wants to ban or restrict AR-15s because they’re black. It all comes back to the irrational premise that the possessor of a mere object, just by possessing it, is certain to do violence to another person.”

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