Relatives Sue Nursing Home for Hiring Male Strippers for the Elderly

Relatives Sue Nursing Home for Hiring Male Strippers for the Elderly

Relatives of residents at a Long Island nursing home have brought a lawsuit against the institution for paying male strippers to “defile” their relatives. They claim the residents are not in a proper state of mind to consent to performances by nearly nude dancers in close quarters.

The New York Post published some details of the lawsuit laden with bizarre and outrageous accusations towards the institution, the East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in West Babylon, Long Island. The claims are corroborated most by a photograph of a muscular, mostly nude man receiving a dollar in his underwear from 85-year old Bernice Youngblood. Youngblood’s relatives discovered that the male strippers were frequent visitors to the nursing home after finding the photograph in Youngblood’s room and demanding answers.

Youngblood’s son’s attorney alleges that the engagement with strippers placed the octogenarian “in apprehension of imminent, offensive, physical harm, as she was confused and bewildered as to why a muscular, almost nude man, was approaching her and placing his body and limbs, over [her].” That Youngblood appeared in possession of money was also a matter of contention, as her savings are supposed to be kept from her in a commissary account: Youngblood is not believed to have the mental capacity to wisely judge how to use her money.

The nursing home claims in response to the suit that the stripping incidents were all done “in good faith” to entertain the residents of the nursing home.

Attorneys for Youngblood told NBC New York that the incident is an affront to their client’s “dignity” and that she “has been disgraced and offended by all of this,” as she does not have the mental ability to choose to participate in a striptease event. They also noted that they will be releasing more photos of these incidents today at a press conference where they will detail the nursing home’s infractions further.

Similar incidents at nursing homes have occurred in the past. At Chaseley Trust in the UK, residents of the nursing home are provided with contact information and access to both strippers and prostitutes, though this information is not kept from relatives of the residents. That incident triggered an investigation into the institution seeking to confirm the legality of operations there and a firestorm of criticism from those who would rather their relatives not be exposed to such immoral activities. 


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