Shocking Video: Electrified Pool Jolts Kids in Florida

HIALEAH, Fla., May 22 (UPI) –A disturbing video of an incident last month where Florida children who were swimming at a local apartment complex were shocked when the pool became electrified has been released.

The video, which was shot at the Palm West Garden apartments, was released by the Hialeah Police Department.

The security camera video shows a little girl grabbing the pool’s metal railing to get out and then suffering a shock. A man can be seen pulling her out and shocking himself in the process. When the pool was finally emptied, three children were taken to the hospital.

“When they grabbed on to the metal railing, that’s when they felt the shock and they were paralyzed,” Mayra Diaz, a cousin of one of the kids, told NBC Miami at the time. “They were unconscious when they were outside the pool, except for my little cousin, the boy, he was doing just fine.”

After the incident, it was determined that unconnected ground wires in the pool house likely were responsible for electrifying the pool. The pool is drained and still surrounded by crime scene tape.