Michelle Obama Moves to Quell School Lunch Revolt

Michelle Obama Moves to Quell School Lunch Revolt

First Lady Michelle Obama is moving to quell the revolt against the school meal nutrition standards that she helped set in place.

House Republicans are supporting a measure that would allow some school districts to opt out of the standards–if they can prove that it is affecting their school budgets.

In response, Michelle Obama is scheduled to meet with school leaders and experts on nutrition Tuesday to discuss the importance of federal regulation of school meals.

The strict rules, passed in 2010, limit the amount of fat, calories, sugar, and sodium served during school meals and requires more whole grains.

“The First Lady believes passionately that school lunches have to be healthier and she is prepared to wage a big political fight over this issue,” ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl explained on Good Morning America Tuesday. 

The event is part of Michelle Obama’s effort to take a bigger role of public engagement on issues.

You’ll see a sustained level of engagement,” one senior administration official told The Hill. “She’ll continue to bring this message to where the parents and kids are.”