Horowitz: The Real Stain On America's Honor

Horowitz: The Real Stain On America's Honor

Keeping illegal immigrants “in the shadows in this nation,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) told a group at Harvard University last month, is “a stain on America’s honor.”

Put aside the fact that these people do not live in the shadows and in many ways have more political power than We the People. The real stain on America’s honor is the fact that people like John McCain refuse to lift a finger to protect our sovereignty and stop the new wave of illegal immigration, irrespective of their views on what to do with those already here for a long time.

Instead of talking about ending unqualified birthright citizenship as a pre-condition to any legal status, Republicans like Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) have been running around the country touting policies that invite in anchor teenagers. The open invitation, coupled with Obama’s refusal to follow the law, has predictably resulting in a refugee crisis teaming over our southern border. Preliminary estimates show a minimum of 300 young migrants coming over the border on a daily basis, forcing our border patrol to serve as babysitters for the third world.

It’s a stain on America’s honor that our politicians care more about foreign invaders than those Americans.

It’s a stain on America’s honor that these people are not turned away, and instead are being dumped off in Arizona, a state that is already suffering from the crime and fiscal cost of the porous borders.

It’s a stain on America’s honor that instead of being outraged at Obama’s behavior, many prominent Republicans are merely upset that Obama’s behavior “will make it harder to pass a bill.”

In fact, there are active discussions among House Republicans about bringing immigration bills to the floor before August. And a number of “very conservative” members are involved. This is akin to a firefighter congratulating the arsonist for setting a fire and offering to pour lighter fluid on it instead of dousing the flames with water. There is no parallel to this insanity in American history.

We have a President who has said that he doesn’t believe in our borders and sovereignty. Every day, we are being invaded by people who will one day drain our welfare system, education, healthcare, and create a permanent Democrat majority. Yet, instead of running the entire cycle against Obama’s insidious and illegal behavior (they already gave up on Obamacare), they are plotting to reward him by paying his ransom.

Folks, we have a constitutional crisis on our hands. The President is refusing to execute the most fundamental laws duly passed by Congress – laws that help preserve our sovereignty as a nation. Yet, even the “more conservative” party in the legislature is refusing to assert their check on this lawlessness and are exacerbating it.

As one of the few people in this business who work on both the legislative and electoral sides, I have seen an amazing dichotomy on this issue – the like of which have not been seen on any other policy debate. On the campaign trail, I’ve met almost 100 candidates, and not a single one – even those universally recognized as moderates – would voice support for amnesty, certainly not before enforcement is implemented. Yet, in Washington, even some of the most conservative Members of Congress are stabbing us in the back.

Our electoral system has given rise to deceit and our governing system is broken. This is the true stain on America’s honor.

The future of our country does not belong to those who disrespect its most fundamental values. We must rise up and be counted. If there is one thing we can and must accomplish this year it is shutting down the new wave of illegal immigration.

As President Calvin Coolidge said before a group of immigration on October 16, 1924, “as a nation, our first duty must be those who are already our inhabitants, whether native or immigrants.”

Daniel Horowitz is Policy Director at Madison Project and a contributor at RedState.com.


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