Defensive Handgun Sales 'Boom' Post-Santa Barbara

Defensive Handgun Sales 'Boom' Post-Santa Barbara

Defensive handgun sales began booming following Elliot Rodger’s Santa Barbara attacks, and the boom continues as far away as Louisiana. 

Gun store owners in Louisiana cite Santa Barbara as the reason for the unprecedented sustained surge in handgun sales they’ve seen since May 23. And now “sales of compact pistols are growing at double the rate of handguns overall.”

According to WWL AM 870, David Newman, Concealed Carry NOLA owner and instructor, explained, “Every time there’s a mass shooting, it calls to attention people’s need to get some sort of personal protection strategy, and maybe get a firearm.”

Newman, who runs the “group of three NRA-certified pistol instructors registered with the Louisiana State Police,” said that “people get more concerned about personal safety and the right to bear arms every time there’s a major incident.”

He also said this explains the current “boom” in defensive pistol sales. “They’re easier to conceal,” he stated. “They’re lighter weight, so [people] tend to carry them more than if they were a heavier gun or a larger gun.”

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