American Security Contractors: Mexican Military Pushed Drug Mules Across U.S. Border

American Security Contractors: Mexican Military Pushed Drug Mules Across U.S. Border

A group of American independent security contractors on the ground in Arizona witnessed smugglers and mules running for the American side of the border, when a Mexican military helicopter shot at U.S. border patrol agents.

“They saw the smugglers and mules hastily moving ahead of the Mexican army crossing the river and moving quickly for cover on the US side.  Then the helicopter flew in firing at near by border patrol.  The smugglers and mules scattered,”  Matthew Leber, spokesman for The American Patriots The Three Percent, an organization who helps solicit private donations for the team of former special ops, told Breitbart News Friday night.

A Mexican military helicopter that traveled across the border, KVOA-TV reported, fired upon two U.S. Border Patrol Agents in Arizona west of the San Miguel Gate on the Tohono O’Odham Nation early Thursday morning. Mexican authorities contacted U.S. officials, reportedly, and apologized for the incident, which is currently under investigation.

“The mules and the Mexican smugglers that were on the Mexican side were being pushed by the Mexican army. I don’t know if they were in conflict with them or if it was something that was orchestrated, but when they crossed the border, the Mexican Army was on the other side and the helicopter came across and they fired on border patrol,” Leber said, noting that the team of security contractors cannot confirm if the action taken by the Mexican military was a diversionary tactic, and the smugglers were working in tandem with the Mexican military or if the smugglers on the ground and the mules were being positioned against their will.



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