Citizenship, Schmitizenship! On the Fourth of July, Multiculturalists Want to Dilute Your Vote

Citizenship, Schmitizenship! On the Fourth of July, Multiculturalists Want to Dilute Your Vote

Here’s an interesting headline: “You soon may not need citizenship to vote in the US; just become a New Yorker.”

Who wrote that headline? And who published it? Some nativist right-winger? No, it’s an article by Ron Hayduk, a professor at Queens College, part of the City University of New York. And his let-them-all-vote article was happily published Friday morning on, which is a part of D.C.-based The Atlantic; that’s as MSM as one can get.

See, Hayduk and Quartz are all for non-citizens voting. They think it’s a wonderful idea–a wonderful way to celebrate the Fourth of July.

As Hayduk details, New York City and New York state are actively considering proposals to allow non-citizens to vote:

Over the last few weeks, New York state has been considering a law to make nearly three million non-citizen residents eligible to vote. A similar piece of legislation soon to be reintroduced to the New York City Council, which actually has a decent shot at passage, would give more than one million legal non-citizen residents the right to vote in local elections.

And of course, being a liberal himself, Hayduk is not against these proposals. He believes that immigration is good, and so the more, the merrier. As he puts it: 

Non-citizen immigrants work, pay taxes, send their children to schools, start businesses, revitalize neighborhoods, and contribute mightily to the vitality of our communities in countless ways on a daily basis. But they have no formal say over how their taxes are spent. Local voting rights would not only address this taxation without representation but also would strengthen municipal governing institutions by making them responsive and accountable to all, which is after all, the essence of democracy.

Got that? As soon as people come here, Hayduk says, they should become voters. Forget all that rigamarole of citizenship; just get them to the polls.

As Judicial Watch pointed out in 2010, it’s already legal for non-citizens to vote in some municipal elections in Illinois, Maryland, and New York. And for years, San Francisco has been pushing the same idea for its elections. And how many other cities around the country will be taking their cues from the progressive trailblazers of San Francisco?

Indeed, if the multicultural leftists can pull this off in New York, they can also pull it off in California–and a dozen other states, just for starters. Pretty soon, red states would start to tip blue–and who thinks that isn’t the goal? But of course, helping Democrats is only part of the goal. The rest of the goal is the full multiculturalization of the U.S. That is, the best of Latin America, the best of Iraq, the best of Syria–all wrapped up into one European Union-style package.

So yes, there’s a plan here. Hayduk and woke up the morning of July 4th thinking to themselves, “America needs to change, and so we’ll do our part to change it.” 

This phenomenon–of the illegal immigrant becoming the legal voter–is something to keep in mind as the nation watches the latest wave wash over the U.S.-Mexican border.

If present trends continue, they will all be voting soon enough.


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