After Opposing Deportations, MD Gov. Martin O'Malley Begs White House Not to Dump Illegals in His State

After Opposing Deportations, MD Gov. Martin O'Malley Begs White House Not to Dump Illegals in His State

Democrat Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley wants the United States to give asylum to all of the illegal immigrant children who are flooding across the border — so long as they are not dumped in parts of his state. 

O’Malley, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, made headlines when he said that the illegal immigrant children who are flooding across the border should be considered “refugees” and given asylum so they are not sent back to “certain death.” But hours after making those remarks last Friday, he reportedly begged the White House, “please don’t send these kids to Western Maryland,” according to CNN. 

A Democrat source told CNN that O’Malley had a “heated discussion” with White House domestic policy chief Cecilia Munoz last Friday, which was when local officials and politicians, led by Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), started to protest the federal government’s plans to house illegal immigrants at an Army Reserve base near Baltimore. The federal government eventually retreated after the protests.

O’Malley has claimed he is willing to work with the White House to find other places in Maryland where illegal immigrant children can be housed. One place could be Montgomery County, Maryland, which is one of the country’s top sanctuary counties.  A high school in that country recently had a confirmed case of tuberculosis.

Maryland’s two Democrat Senators and Baltimore’s current mayor have also protested plans by the Obama administration to dump illegal immigrants in local communities. The murder rate in Baltimore while O’Malley was mayor actually rivaled those of Central American nations where O’Malley thinks “certain death” awaits the illegal immigrants. 

As Breitbart News reported, “During O’Malley’s last five years as Baltimore’s mayor, the city’s homicide rate was higher than Guatemala’s and El Salvador’s. And O’Malley’s final year in office was the most murderous of his eight-year tenure.”

Black residents in Baltimore have protested that Democrats seem to care more about illegal immigrants than poor Americans in inner cities. Last Friday, as Breitbart News reported, Elaine, “a black caller from Baltimore, Maryland, told Laura Ingraham on her radio show that she was ‘living a nightmare’ because her ‘whole neighborhood is so violent.'” According to the report:

She wanted to know where she could get refugee status in her own country.

“There’s so much crime,” she said. “I have gangs everywhere here in Baltimore! I can’t let my daughter ride her bicycle outside – I can’t do anything, Laura! I’m trapped here.”

Elaine said Democrats like President Barack Obama “want billions to help illegal immigrant children, but ‘nobody is saying a word’ about poor Americans or Americans trapped in violent neighborhoods.”

“Well, what about my neighborhood? You don’t have to do it in Beverly Hills, but in the inner cities where we are suffering,” she said. “My children cannot play outside. I cannot take my trash out without locking the door – it’s awful. Who is going to give us anything? Where can I get asylum? Where can I get refugee status? I don’t know what I can do. Nobody cares what happens to my children.”

As Breitbart News has noted, “at least 57,000 illegal immigrants, mostly from Central America, have crossed the border since October of last year, and another 150,000 are estimated to do so next year. The number of illegal immigrant children flooding across the border spiked just after President Barack Obama enacted his temporary amnesty program for certain DREAMers in 2012, and many migrants have said they made the journey to America because they did not fear that the Obama administration would deport them.”


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