Horowitz: 7 Steps to Reclaiming Our Sovereignty

Horowitz: 7 Steps to Reclaiming Our Sovereignty

We are a country that has successfully fought two world wars and can deploy our military assets anywhere in the world within hours. We are the country that landed human beings on the moon. Yet, the political class would have you believe that we are helpless in stopping an endless flow of illegal immigrants across our border. They would have you believe that we are the ones on defense; that we must accommodate the needs of these people and their robust legal and political support structure lest we face reprisal.  

It’s time we turn the tables and reassert control over our own borders, sovereignty, and destiny. This is not a natural disaster; it has been encouraged and facilitated by powerful forces within our country and the countries immediately to the south of us.  

Instead of only treating the symptoms of the problem with legislative minutia concerning a human trafficking law–a law that has a mere perfunctory relevance to the border surge–Republicans must lay out a vision to stop the cause of the problem–the lawlessness. The time has come to reverse the climate that has encouraged and incentivized this behavior. Here are the actions that can easily work in changing the climate:

Send the Message: The message percolating into Central America over the past few years is that as long as your people, particularly children, can make it across our border, they will be subsidized and allowed to stay. The message needs to be sent through all of our diplomatic channels, and possibly through public advertisements, that those days are over. The meme must be as follows: you can only come here legally; if you cross our border illegally, you will not receive benefits; you will be deported immediately, and you will be barred for life for illegal entry.  

Hold Mexico and Central American countries accountable: No other country would tolerate the disrespect that these countries have for our sovereignty. There are disturbing reports that the Mexican government has been issuing Central American migrants 72-hour visas for the expressed purpose of travelling northward to our border. We must immediately move to cut off all aid, bilateral agreements, and legal visas to these countries until they take sufficient steps to control their borders and respect our rights, while repatriating those that have already violated our laws.

Stop Obama’s Lawlessness: While holding foreign countries accountable for their behavior, we must do the same with the Obama administration. House GOP leadership has purposely withheld the DHS appropriations bill because they are scared of potential amendments proposed by conservatives. It’s time they embrace it and harness the power of the purse. The bill should defund Obama’s lawlessness and void out DACA, which was responsible for inviting these people into the country in the first place. Then they should stand behind the bill headed into the September budget battle.

Cut off the Magnets: Those who believe the current migration from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, is the result of violence in those countries should ask themselves the following question: Why aren’t these “kids” fleeing to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama–all of which have little to no violence, no wars, and are largely peaceful, prosperous, each with the added benefit that they are closer, safer to travel to, and Spanish speaking and culturally affinitive? I think we know the answer. The Obama administration has invited them in and offered them the full smorgasbord of benefits. It’s time we cut off all refundable tax credits to illegal aliens and freeze all remittances sent to their families back home.  

Call up the National Guard: We should use the $4.2 billion in savings from cutting of refundable tax credits and give it to Texas Governor Rick Perry so he can call up the National Guard. We don’t want this money in the hands of Obama, it should be given to Texas.   

End the Asylum Loophole: The drug smugglers have coached many of the new illegals to tell border agents that they fear for the lives so that they can apply for asylum. Congress must make it clear to this administration that they are not eligible for asylum under the Geneva conventions because they have ample opportunity to seek it in Mexico. This is especially true given that Mexico is actually aiding their travel to the U.S. with transit visas.

Build the Dang Fence: Everyone agrees that a double-layered fence prescribed under the 2006 Secure Fence Act is the best single enforcement mechanism. It worked in Israel and it worked in San Diego. Unlike a “smart” fence, it is not subject to “prosecutorial discretion.” It works. That is why Democrats oppose it and that is why every Republican–even those like John McCain–campaigned in support of it. The time to complete that fence is now.          


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