Rick Perry

Perry: Burisma or Bidens Were Never Mentioned to Me

During a portion of an interview with the Fox News Channel released on Thursday, Energy Secretary Rick Perry stated that neither Burisma, nor the Bidens were ever mentioned to him, “Not by the president, not by Rudy Giuliani, and not

US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry delivers a statement after signing an agreement with Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian counterparts on strengthening energy cooperation between the US and the Baltic States during a meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania, on October 6, 2019. - The United States and Baltic states on October 6, …

IEA Report: America Will Dominate Global Oil Markets

One year into President Donald Trump’s policy of “American energy dominance,” the International Energy Agency said Monday that the United States will dominate the global oil markets for the foreseeable future thanks to the shale oil boom.


Department of Energy Doles Out $46.2 Million for Solar Power Projects

The Department of Energy announced last week that American taxpayers are providing millions of dollars to develop solar power projects across the country, including funding for seven companies in California and $2 million to a solar business in Texas, home of Energy Secretary and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

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