Nancy Pelosi: Border Crisis Is an 'Opportunity' for America

Nancy Pelosi: Border Crisis Is an 'Opportunity' for America

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asserted that the crisis on the border was actually an opportunity for America to display its humanitarian character.

Pelosi said it was “stunning” that Republicans were drawing lines in the sand during the negotiations of the legislation.

Pelosi cited the United States Conference of Bishops on four different occasions to encourage Americans to embrace the flood of children crossing the border.

Although she said she would wait until Republicans offered legislation on the issue, she did not appear optimistic about the results.

Following up on her reversal on the idea of changing the 2008 law to stem the flow of children crossing the border, she disagreed that it was a magnet causing the crisis. She explained that she no longer believed that the laws needed to be changed, but called for more lawyers and judges to handle the growing number of cases.


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