Hillary Clinton Praises GOP Establishment, Big Business for Taking on Tea Party

Hillary Clinton Praises GOP Establishment, Big Business for Taking on Tea Party

Hillary Clinton thanked the Republican establishment and its big business allies for taking on the Tea Party and defeating conservative candidates like Chris McDaniel in Mississippi’s June runoff. 

In a Thursday interview with Charlie Rose on PBS, Clinton said tea partiers and conservatives needed to be reined in. And she said it was about time the GOP establishment got a “wake-up call from the big business wing” that wants to continue the bipartisan big government policies that have made Washington, D.C.’s suburbs the country’s wealthiest “boomtown.” 

“Finally, the Republican establishment and their business supporters have woken up,” Clinton said, noting that she tells audiences, “Don’t vote for anyone who refuses to compromise.”

Rose said that the Tea Party conservatives are more powerful now than when her husband was president, but Clinton said when big business interests pour millions into races, conservatives can be defeated, as the Cochran race showed. 

With the help of big checks from establishment interests and liberal high-tech moguls like Napster co-founder Sean Parker, who donated $350,000, Cochran allies courted black Democrats and liberal union to get more votes than McDaniel. They aired commercials that smeared conservatives as racists who were intent on taking away welfare payments and funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities to turn out black Democrats for Cochran in the GOP runoff. Cochran allies may have even passed out “walking around money.”

The Chamber of Commerce, which has vowed to spend at least $50 million against Tea Party candidates and those who oppose amnesty legislation, and Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, have also emphasized their desire to defeat conservative candidates, much to Clinton’s delight.


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